Mould vs Mildew

Mould vs Mildew : Know the difference

People often mix up mildew with mould when they see a nasty stain on a moist surface in a home. Though both are types of fungi that commonly harbour in warm areas that have a lot of moisture, they should be treated differently if you want to keep your house looking neat and clean.

Since both mould and mildew grow in moist environments and live on various surfaces, make sure you have the right strategies to remove both of them using the proper products. These microorganisms can quickly damage large areas of your house, and that is why landlords inspect every nook and cranny before returning the bond amount.

What is the difference between mould and mildew?

The difference between the two is that mildew usually grows in a flat pattern and looks powdery and fluffy. They are in a white, grey, and yellowish colour lying in the moist area. They may turn black or brown if not removed on time.

On the other hand, mould is fuzzy and appears as irregularly shaped spots that are in different colours- green, blue, grey, black, yellow, and white. Certain types of moulds can cause serious health problems. So, before treating them, make sure you identify the difference.

How to prevent both types of fungus?

The saying is right ‘Prevention is always better than cure.’ Since both mould and mildew grow on moist and damp surfaces, make sure you regularly keep a check on the water leaks and drainage systems. Keep the areas like bathroom walls, kitchen surfaces and basements moisture-free.

Also, maintain a humidity level of about 50 per cent inside the house – you can buy a dehumidifier for better and precise results. Regular cleaning of every nook and cranny also prevents the spread

Aeris Mould Pro

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By adopting these strategies and investing in the right tools, you can create a home environment that resists mould growth, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable living space for you and your family.