Heavy Duty Cleaner – AerisGuard


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Heavy Duty Cleaner – AerisGuard

$176.46$641.85 Inc. GST

Introducing the Ultimate Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser for Commercial Spaces

Are you grappling with the relentless battle against tough, stubborn grease, and unsightly grime in your commercial kitchen or food preparation area? Your search for the ultimate solution ends here with AerisGuard Heavy Duty Cleaner, your go-to Heavy Duty Degreaser for even the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Aggressive Cleaning Mastery: Our Heavy Duty Cleaner is meticulously crafted to be your unwavering ally in the war against the most resilient grease and heavy fouling deposits. Say farewell to the most obstinate stains and deposits that haunt commercial food preparation areas and equipment. AerisGuard Heavy Duty Cleaner is your steadfast partner in eliminating these tough adversaries.

For Commercial Kitchens: We comprehend the paramount importance of upholding pristine standards in your commercial kitchen. Whether it’s range hoods, floors, walls, or waste areas, our Heavy Duty Cleaner doesn’t just meet the legal requirements—it surpasses them. Maintaining a clean and safe environment is not only a legal obligation but also pivotal in ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

Make AerisGuard Heavy Duty Cleaner your trusted cleaning companion, and experience the transformation firsthand.

Elevate your cleaning regimen today with AerisGuard Heavy Duty Cleaner, the ultimate Commercial Heavy Duty Cleaner. Keep your kitchen in peak condition and amaze your customers with the highest standards of cleanliness. Your quest for the most potent Heavy Duty Degreaser culminates here.


Heavy Duty Cleaner – AerisGuard FAQ's

It is an aggressive multi-purpose cleaning product. Spray onto the affected area and scrub or wipe vigorously to remove dirt and grime buildup.

It is best used for the remediation of kitchen range hoods, exhausts and ovens, floors, walls, shelving, cold rooms, and waste areas.

Heavy Duty Cleaner – AerisGuard Product Pairing