Indoor AC Cleaning and Protection Pack


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Indoor AC Cleaning and Protection Pack

$149.00 Inc. GST

The Indoor AC Cleaning and Protection Pack consists of three products, including Multi-Enzyme Coil Cleaner, which is a proprietary enzyme based cleaner & surface preparation product for HVAC&R evaporator coils for domestic, commercial & industrial air handling installations.

Indoor Coil Treatment product is applied in-situ to HVAC&R heat exchanger coils for domestic, commercial & industrial air handling installations. Multi-Enzyme Condensate Pan tablet is an advanced multi-functional composition containing specifically selected enzymes & biocides to prevent biofilm formation in condensate drain pans and drain lines.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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Indoor AC Cleaning and Protection Pack FAQ's

This Cleaning and Preparation Procedure outlines the process to effectively remove organic and in organic debris from a Heat Exchange Coil.

Dilute Coil Cleaner 20:1 (50ml per L) with warm water and apply 3L/m² for Coil Face 100mm deep 12 fins per inch. Leave on Coil for 20mins and rinse well.

Once coil is dry apply the aerosol treatment ensuring area is well ventilated. Hold the can 20cm (8 inches) from the face of the coil and spray treatment on to coil passing over the coil top to bottom and left to right then bottom to top right to left. Ensure a light coverage of 550mL/m² of coil face100mm (4 inches) deep applying to both sides of the coil.

Using the metal tie attach Condensate Pan Tablet the cage to the unit so that part of the tablet is in contact with the condensate pan where the condensate will pool.

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