Mould Remover – Aeris Mould Pro™


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Aeris Technology

Aeris’s patented technologies are our secret ingredients that continue to protect you. Using our invisible film, microbial control and application of long term residual protection and coatings.

Mould Remover – Aeris Mould Pro™

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Aeris Mould Pro™ is a triple-action formulation mould remover, designed to tackle your mould problems comprehensively. Not only does it swiftly and effectively eliminate existing mould, but it also removes those unsightly stains caused by mould infestations.

What truly sets Aeris Mould Pro™ mould remover apart is its exceptional ability to prevent mould regrowth. We understand the frustration of watching mould return after a painstaking cleanup. That’s why Aeris Mould Pro™ leaves an invisible protective barrier, ensuring that mould won’t stand a chance to make a comeback. Your spaces will remain clean and mould-free for longer.

Aeris Mould Pro™ is not just another run-of-the-mill Mould Cleaner; it’s a proactive Mould Killer. You can trust it to tackle mould colonisation head-on, eradicating the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. Bid farewell to the musty odours that often accompany mould issues, and say hello to freshness!

This versatile Mould Spray works wonders in all indoor areas. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and beyond – Aeris Mould Pro™ is your trusted ally. You’ll appreciate its user-friendly application and its ability to transform your indoor spaces.

Don’t let mould dictate the terms in your home or office. Choose Aeris Mould Pro™ for unparalleled mould removal, stain elimination, and mould prevention. Trust the best, and safeguard your indoor environment. It’s time to embrace cleanliness, freshness, and a mould-free future with Aeris Mould Pro™.

This mould killer is Australian Made.


“Overall, the chemical works better than any mould treatment I have used before and will be using this product on a daily basis for mould treatment and fogging service.”

Lee Waterhouse , The Mould Company

“We tackled a standard mould remediation project with Mould Pro alongside our regular mould treatment chemicals. Mould Pro showed much faster drying times between coats compared to our usual multi-product solution, allowing us to wrap up the job more efficiently.”

Wayne Barlow , Clean 'n' Bright

“Overall, I think the product is amazing and will be using this in all my treatments going forward.”

Graham Linnard , KAL Cleaning Services

Mould Remover – Aeris Mould Pro™ FAQ's

For cleaning and disinfection: Spray Aeris Mould Pro™ mould remover generously on the surface. Wipe the product along the surface to ensure coverage. Leave to dry for effective lasting protection.

For Mould and Mildew Remediation: Spray on the surface to be treated until the area is covered with Aeris Mould Pro™. Leave for 10 mins, allowing Aeris Mould Pro™ to penetrate mould, then wipe vigorously with a cloth to remove visible mould and dirt. If rinsing is required, for best lasting protection, repeat application and allow to dry.

No. Aeris Mould Pro™ is compatible with the vast majority of both natural and synthetic surfaces. For soft furnishings, we recommend to spot test first on a small area to ensure that no discolouration occurs.

We recommend you wear protective gloves when using Aeris Mould Pro™ and wash hands thoroughly after use.

Aeris Mould Pro™ mould remover is best used on large areas to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces where mould, mildew and biofilm is present. For example, use on walls, floors, ceilings and bathrooms to remove the mould and mildew and prevent it from re-occurring.

Biofilm forms when certain micro-organisms, e.g Bacteria stick to the surface of an object and begin to reproduce. They are is the source of a number of infections to the human body and represent one of the biggest threats to patients in hospital settings as it can increase the bodies resistance to antibiotics.

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