Odour Control Spray – AeriShield™


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Aeris Technology

Aeris’s patented technologies are our secret ingredients that continue to protect you. Using our invisible film, microbial control and application of long term residual protection and coatings.

Odour Control Spray – AeriShield™

$31.08$132.00 Inc. GST

Unveil the power of AeriShield™ Odour Control Spray, a cutting-edge innovation in the world of odour control and elimination. Say goodbye to persistent odours, whether they stem from pet-related incidents, culinary escapades, or industrial emissions. AeriShield™ is your trusted partner for a breath of fresh air, ensuring a consistently pleasant atmosphere in any environment.

Powered by Advanced Technology: AeriShield™ is not just an ordinary odour control spray; it’s a powerful weapon against even the most stubborn odours. Its unique formula harnesses cutting-edge technology to combat odours at their source, effectively neutralising them. No more masking the problem; AeriShield™ eradicates odours, leaving your space genuinely fresh.

Proven Effectiveness: Our promise is backed by extensive research and rigorous testing. AeriShield™ guarantees results you can trust. Its probiotic-based formulation actively out-competes “bad bacteria,” effectively preventing mould colonisation and offensive odours. This is not a quick fix; it’s a long-lasting solution that works, ensuring a consistently pleasant atmosphere.

Lasting Protection: AeriShield™ creates an invisible, protective barrier that encapsulates mould-fighting natural enzymes and probiotics. This barrier ensures that odours won’t return, offering long-lasting protection that keeps your surroundings fresh and odor-free.

Safety and Eco-Friendliness: We understand the importance of safety for your family, pets, and the environment. AeriShield™ is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for use in your home, office, gym, or industrial facility. Our eco-friendly formula allows you to enjoy the benefits of odour control without compromising your well-being.

Versatile Applications: AeriShield™ adapts to various environments with ease. Whether you need odour control at home, in your office, gym, or industrial facility, our versatile solution is up to the task. Enjoy consistent freshness no matter where you are.

Hassle-Free Application: We’ve designed AeriShield™ for your convenience. Following our simple instructions is all it takes to achieve a refreshing atmosphere. No more complicated or time-consuming processes; just apply and enjoy the results.

Experience the revolution in odour control and elimination with AeriShield™ Odour Control Spray. Don’t settle for masking odours when you can eliminate them at their source. Make the switch to AeriShield™ today for a truly fresh and inviting environment.

AeriShield™ is Australian Made. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


Odour Control Spray – AeriShield™ FAQ's

Use Odour Control Spray Aerishield on soft surfaces. Spray Aerishield on new or precleaned surfaces. The coating will dry withing 5-10 minutes. Re-apply every 2-3 months after large exposure to large quantities of water. Best used on carpets, curtains blinds and other soft furnishings.

No. Odour Control Spray Aerishield is a probiotic formulation and is safe to use on most soft furnishings.

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