Outdoor Corrosion Protection Pack


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Aeris Technology

Aeris’s patented technologies are our secret ingredients that continue to protect you. Using our invisible film, microbial control and application of long term residual protection and coatings.

Outdoor Corrosion Protection Pack

$119.00 Inc. GST

Outdoor Corrosion Protection Pack consists of Outdoor Coil and Surface Cleaner which is formulated to remove the wide variety of materials that build up on coils and associated surfaces over time. It also consists of Corrosion Protection Plus Clear, which is a self-etching high-performance modern polymeric water-based coating that has been specifically designed for in-the-field applications to coat and protect metallic surfaces.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Disclaimer: For customers outside Australia, aerosol cans are considered dangerous goods (DG) for transportation purposes. Please kindly contact us at info@aeris.com.au for alternative options.


Outdoor Corrosion Protection Pack FAQ's

Apply the Outdoor Coil & Surface Cleaner and then wash/wipe the cleaner off and thoroughly dry surface to be coated. Hold the aerosol 20-30cm from the substrate and apply sparingly on each pass waiting a short period before applying more product. This method of adding multiple coats is best practice.

Outdoor Corrosion Protection Pack Product Pairing