Surface and Air Contamination

Surface and Air Contamination Case Study

Aeris Environmental were engaged by a North Queensland Medical facility to provide assessment and potential remediation of a data and comms room in a live building situation.

Microbial contamination was assessed and graded by the Aeris Environmental IAQ division. Remediation to ANSI IICRC S520-2015 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation was conducted by an Aeris Platinum Partner and quality assurance provided by Aeris project management team.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of the remediation. Post Remediation Verification (PRV) was conducted one month after completion and sample data confirmed 100% successful results using a combination of AerisGuard products applied to Surfaces, Air, and HVAC.

Aeris Environmental partnered with a leading North Queensland HVAC&R company to perform deep cycle hygiene maintenance of the cassette units to complete the project.

– 100% clinically clean surfaces

– 100% clinically clean air

– Residual protection

Aeris Environmental have successfully demonstrated in a clinical environment effective remediation of a highly contaminated indoor space with no cross contamination. This project was delivered in a live building situation and was made successful through the correct application of traditional remediation techniques in combination with Bioactive Filter Treatment applied to Air Scrubbers.

Our AerisGuard product range has proven to successfully reduce cost, time, and are environmentally friendly.