Indoor Environmental Quality & Hygienist Services

Working directly with clients, the Aeris Indoor Environmental Quality and Hygienist team are able to support projects and managers to identify and deliver specific and measurable results in almost every uniquely compromised building solution.

Our services include:

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Assessments

  • Mould Investigations and Sampling
  • ATP Residue Testing

  • In-house Nonviable Microscopy Analysis
  • Mould Remediation Management
  • Post Remediation Verification (PRV) & Occupational Clearance
  • Building Water Ingress Assessments & Rectification
  • Duct Cleaning & AHU Servicing Management
  • Infection Control & Containment Services

The Aeris Platinum Partner Program includes many large mould remediation and duct cleaning companies in Australia.

In the HVAC industry we have strong links with VAE, Grosvenor Engineering Group, AE Smith, PeakARE.

In the cleaning services-sector our field team works with a number of local companies in the majority of cities.

In the building works sector we have partnered with John Lyng Group, Hutchinson Builders, CPB, Rork.

We also have technicians who are accredited in IICRC.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

The term IEQ refers to the quality of the overall indoor environment, including microbial, volatile, gaseous, and particulate contaminants, as well as such elements as lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, ergonomic design, and work-related stress.

IAQ, which is a subset of IEQ, refers more specifically to the air quality and contaminants that may be present or elevated within and around buildings and structures that may impact the health and comfort of building occupants.

“The Aeris Indoor Air Quality Team advise many large businesses, private and public, with indoor air quality issues”

IEQ Inspections and Reporting

Aeris Environmental expertise has been welcomed across job sites in the majority of states in Australia.

From Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, our team has worked with clients across Australia to give support and advice on a variety of building and hygiene conditions, HVAC related issues, water damage and IEQ concerns.

Project budgets have ranged from millions of dollars in large residential care homes to just hundreds in small residential properties, and from large public buildings to single rooms in a department.

Our growing client base includes some of the largest businesses and public bodies in Australia.

Aeris Indoor Environmental Quality team are able to conduct site inspections nationally, assess and grade the situation, establish and conduct sampling, provide reporting and recommendations.

Aeris quality assurance is guaranteed and our experience working with hazardous sites allows us to assist contractors in controlling risks and costs.

IEQ Qualifications and Training

Aeris Environmental allocates significant resources to provide the latest technology, training and qualifications for our field-based science team.

Aeris Indoor Environmental Quality Team are graduates in Environmental Science and Health Science and have significant experience in the most challenging environments and building biohazards. The Aeris Indoor Air Quality team remain independent on all projects, reporting factually and providing comparison to widely accepted IEQ standards including:

  • NADCA 2021
  • ANSI/IICRC S520/R520 Professional Mould Remediation
  • ANSI/S500 Professional Water Damage Restoration (2021)
  • AIRAH DA 19
  • Australian Mould Guideline (2nd ed. 20120)
  • WHO Guidelines
  • Various others including WorkSafe QLD, National Asthma Council

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