AtmosAir™ – Bi-Polar Ionisation Air Purifier


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AtmosAir™ – Bi-Polar Ionisation Air Purifier

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AtmosAir™ Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Bi-Polar Ionisation system is a proven air purification technology that actively reduces the airborne and surface contaminants.

Designed to be mounted in the supply air duct on air handling system of a heating, cooling or ventilation system. AtmosAir™ has been scientifically tested to reduce COVID-19 over 99.9% in 30 minutes. AtmosAir™ Dielectric Barrier Discharge Bi-Polar Ionisation system is available in multiple sizes to suit the project and duct size. It can be installed in any HVAC air distribution configuration whether it be a supply duct or mounted in a supply plenum. AtmosAir™ contributes to better air and energy savings.

Features and Benefits

Microbial & Pathogen Reduction – Airborne moulds, bacteria, and viruses (including human coronavirus) are killed or deactivated by AtmosAir oxygen ions. This process begins in the air as soon as those contaminants are emitted (i.e. a cough or a sneeze, etc.)

Particle Decay – Particles including pm 2.5, stick to one another due to the ion charge (a process called agglomeration) and fall out of the breathing range and/or are more easily captured by the filters in the HVAC system. VOC and Odors Reduction – Chemical off-gasses and offensive odours are eliminated by the interaction with ionized air, eliminating the use of masking agents that add to indoor pollution.

Energy reduction – With an engineered air purification approach, Standard AS1668.2 Guidelines allow you to reduce the volume of outside air while providing the above benefits and greatly improving the indoor air quality.


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